Cinda Kay Campbell
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Cinda Kay Campbell
"You've had the power all along my Dear!"

The power resides within YOU.


If you are reading this, you are most likely empathic. 

I am happy you found me!

I am a constantly changing, growing and evolving ball of light that has chosen to live in the Cinda container this go around (in play and all seriousness)! I have been blessed to have some pretty incredible experiences and the knowledge gained from those. I have an absolute wealth of beauty to share. Having some major difficulties early in life set me up with perfect hurdles to overcome to grow and become the person I am now. I hope to continue to discover more of my depth and I am turning in my seat to reach a hand to help others that have been through similar experiences in their lives. I have been so blessed by others who have reached out a hand to me, and shared their tools to overcome obstacles! I am over JOYED at the prospect of sharing all of this and more to others.  I am dedicated to serving people from all walks of life and committed to helping you get in touch with your inner knowing.


You will be supported as you align in with the Divine goodness within you.  

I offer one on one intuitive services and clean living support.

I am also a  proud distributor of Young Livingβ„’ products, and it is a passion to support  you .

Cinda is a bright spirit with incredible talent to share with you what your highest self wants you to know. Her reading for me was remarkably correct. I recommend Cinda to anyone seeking clarity or direction.
— Cindy Warner

I love to connect on instagram! Find me, @cindakay333 or click below!


See the video I did with the cast of Chambers on Netflix!


I want to walk with you. Come with me out of the darkness, and into the light.